SOF Junior Officership Course (Pilot) - Virtual

Department of the SOF Profession SJOC-V SOC 3400-V Nomination Only Unclassified


This blended course consists of a two week distance learning phase, followed by a 5 day resident phase delivered virtually through synchronous online interaction, which will provide an experiential learning environment that delivers knowledge and skills in the areas communication, leadership, SOF ethics and culture, as well as a strong sense of where the SOF Enterprise fits into the US national security environment. Total time commitment: approx. 40 hrs


Primary: SOF junior officers enroute to or recently having arrived at their initial SOF assignment Grades: O-1 to O-3


Students will have access to all required materials through JSOU’s eCampus

22A (06-Dec-2021 to 10-Dec-2021)

22B (14-Mar-2022 to 18-Mar-2022)

22C (20-Jun-2022 to 24-Jun-2022)

22D (12-Sep-2022 to 16-Sep-2022)